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The Feature Of Our EA

The EAs used by our company can accurately carry out backtesting across prolonged periods of time. Moreover, by displaying data in a ranked format, users can quickly check the best values supplied by the EA.

Users can select their preferred EA from dozens of available options.

Moving forward, we plan to gradually introduce even more EA types. In addition, our company provides basic EA information and trading data (win ratios, etc.). Upon confirming this data, users can then select the EA they find the most promising.

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Search for EA by name and development team

Forex trading carries high risk, and is not suitable for all investors. In addition, leverage creates the potential for even higher risk and loss. Before making a forex trade, carefully consider your investment goals and your maximum risk exposure.

Note that you may lose a portion or all of your operating capital. As such, make sure to only invest capital that you are willing to potentially lose. Look into the associated risks of forex trades, and consult with an impartial financial advisor or tax advisor should you have any doubts.